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Dried Oyster Mushrooms are small, satiny, blue-hued mushrooms with white stems. They are more solid and flavorful than most other oyster varieties. Generally, they are sweet to the taste, shrink little, and hold their shape and springiness when briefly cooked.

Now cultivated commercially all over the world, they were first grown as an emergency food source in Germany during World War I. Considering that this mushroom was only eaten out of necessity, the Germans could have eaten much worse. Chock-full of nutrients and flavor and are regarded as one of the easiest mushrooms to grow.

Nutritional Facts: They have less protein and iron than the oysters of the sea, they also have way less calories, sodium, cholesterol, carbohydrates and fat. Additionally, 100 grams of reconstituted oyster mushrooms are a great source of dietary fiber (9% RDA*), Vitamins B2 (21% RDA) and B3 (25% RDA), and  copper, phosphorous and potassium (12% RDA each).

Fiber aids with digestion, B Vitamins convert food into energy, copper produces red blood cells, phosphorous helps build strong bones (just like calcium!), and potassium lowers blood pressure. With oyster mushrooms in your diet, you’re sure to feel great and be at the top of your game.

Tips: Soak Dried Oyster Mushrooms in warm water for up to two hours to reconstitute them. Once any extra water is drained away, they can then be used in the same manner as their fresh counterparts. Dried Oyster Mushrooms are great for stir-frys, but be sure to cook them gently; they might loose their flavor and appearance if cooked too long. Their thick texture and unique flavor also makes them a perfect stand in for bivalves in any seafood dish.

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