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Ingredients: Per Capsule (6 capsules per pack)

250mg Psilocybe Cubensis – Golden Teacher

50mg Ginkgo Biloba – Brain Health

50mg Bee Pollen – Reduces Inflammation

50mg Spearment – Memory Boost

50mg Ginseng – Energy

50mg Spirulina – Antioxidant Support


Scooby Snacks Capsules For Sale

The Original ‘Scooby Snack’

Scooby Snacks Capsules Easily one of the most progressive Nootropics available. For those who are wondering what a ‘Nootropic’ is, its presence throughout Silicon Valley exploited certain compounds as smart drugs, or more modestly put, ‘cognitive enhancers.

Able to boost creativity, workouts, and those late-night grinds, this is a great way to push the Coffee beans aside and make room for something a little more… magical. Each pack contains 6 pills, each pill combines a blend of 250mg Psilocybe Cubensis with well-studied herbs such as Ginkgo-biloba, Bee Pollen, Spearmint, Ginseng, and Spirulina.

This is the perfect combination for a Nootropic powerhouse.

Total package = 1.5 grams


Buy Scooby Snacks Capsules in Canada

You may be wondering, what are Nootropics? The Soviets coined the term in Russia back in 1964 to describe compounds that ‘enhance’ cognitive function.

Many people think of Silicon Valley and its culture when they hear this word because it is well-known for using certain substances as smart drugs or, even more modestly put, “cognitive enhancers”. If you’re curious about what a ‘Nootropic’ is, it can be defined as an agent that enhances cognitive function or memory. 

These scooby snacks mushrooms pills contain a blend of 250mg Psilocybe Cubensis with other herbs such as Ginkgo biloba, Bee Pollen, Spearmint, Ginseng, and Spirulina. They can help you get creative at work or during your workout session, but also if you need some late-night caffeine energy boost! 

Shrooms Online is proud to provide customers with the opportunity to purchase Scooby Snacks Magic Mushrooms Capsules in Canada. It is one of the most progressive Nootropics available and will boost creativity, workouts, and those late-night grinds. 

It’s no secret that Silicon Valley is a hotbed for the world’s most successful and innovative minds. But what many people don’t know about this hub of innovation, creativity, and genius is its use of Nootropics to amplify brainpower.

If you want to be as creative as tech entrepreneurs, start using these potent compounds today!


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