Caramel Psychedelic Chocolate Bar


  Origin: South America

  Each Square: 0.25g X 24

  Total: 6g Dried Amazonian Mushrooms



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Caramel Psychedelic Chocolate Bar meets psychedelic in this mind-bending marriage of two delicious and distinctive candy flavors, then chromed in decadent Belgian milk chocolate. The result is a taste sensation that is totally unique, and yet familiar—the true definition of irresistible. In fact, it’s more than irresistible. It’s Caramel Psilocybin Chocolate Bar.

These rich, Caramel Psychedelic Chocolate Bar feature all kinds of goodies! Shredded coconut, oats, vanilla caramel and melty milk chocolate all piled on a buttery-crisp brown sugar crust. Even if you are not a coconut fan, you will love every bit. But, if you prefer,  leave out the coconut and double up on the oats or even add pecans or walnuts.

Caramel Psychedelic Chocolate Bar may bring back wonderful childhood memories of biting into your favorite Girl Scout Samoas Cookie, (although I did not set out to do a copy-cat recipe).

When you take your first bite your taste buds will initially explode with the buttery crispness of the brown sugar crust.  Then, piled on top of that you’ll enjoy the chewy goodness of coconut & oats. Lastly, creamy swirls of salted vanilla caramel wrapped around milk chocolate chips ooze through each layer and top this delightfully decadent bar in all of the best ways.

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