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B+ mushroom strain is a well-known psychedelic mushroom strain with exceptional potency and long-lasting effects. It’s one of the most sought-after strains in the magic mushroom community, and for a good reason.

The B+ Magic mushroom strain is a hybrid strain with a unique blend of different strains of Psilocybe cubensis, which makes it a versatile choice amongst both novice and experienced users. It features a broad and firm cap, which makes it easier to identify and harvest. The caps are typically a caramel-brown colour, with white stems and gills that turn violet-grey upon spore release.


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B+ mushroom, also known as Psilocybe cubensis B+, is a very popular strain of magic mushroom that has received a lot of attention and recognition over the years. This type of mushroom is beloved by many users due to its unique blend of powerful effects and delicious taste.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the B mushroom is its large size. This is a very big strain that’s capable of growing to substantial heights, which makes it much easier to cultivate and harvest than smaller varieties.

Aside from its size, the B+ mushrooms is also known for its unique psychoactive properties. This mushroom strain is capable of producing a variety of potent sensations, ranging from intense euphoria to profound spiritual experiences. Users also report feeling more connected to nature and a greater sense of empathy towards others.

Overall, it is a fantastic choice for anyone who’s interested in exploring the wonderful world of magic mushrooms. With its delicious taste, large size, and potent effects, it’s easy to see why the B+ Magic mushroom has become such a popular strain among users all over the world.

B+ Mushroom Spores

The effects are reported to be euphoric, mentally stimulating and introspective. Users can expect to experience an intense and prolonged trip with heightened senses, profound insights, and vivid visualizations that may last up to eight hours.

While the B+ Magic mushroom strain is popular for its recreational use, it’s also well regarded for its therapeutic properties. It’s believed to help with treating anxiety, depression and stress-related disorders, offering relief from mental and emotional distress.

In conclusion, the B+ Magic mushroom is one of the most versatile, powerful and cherished strains of psychedelic mushrooms. Whether you’re seeking a mind-bending experience or a spiritual journey, the B+ strain is a go-to option for beginners and veterans alike.

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4 reviews for B+ Mushroom

  1. Paul matt

    As someone who’s been using mushrooms for years, I can confidently say that B+ mushrooms are among the best. They have a great balance of spiritual and recreational effects, and the quality is consistently high. Plus, their deliveries are super secure and reliable.

  2. Francisco Farms

    If you’re looking for high-quality mushrooms from a reliable source, look no further than B+. Their products never fail to impress me, and their deliveries are always fast and safe.

  3. Anissa Aklin

    As someone who’s used psychedelics for years, I’m always hesitant to try new sources. But I can safely say that B+ mushrooms are the real deal. Their products are consistently good and their shipping is always secure.

  4. Peter Adams

    B+ mushrooms are my go-to for a reason. Their products are always potent and the effects are always profound. And their deliveries are always discreet and safe. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable source of mushrooms.

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